2015 Sportsman Championship Ceremony

From Right to Left - Jenn Lessig, Annie Easter, Nick Brennan, Tyler Weeda, Kelly Russell, Jenn Cheek

It was one of those seasons that had just about everything for the Sportsman Class.  The season featured tight racing up front, with a ton of close battles throughout the field.  Ultimately, Kelly Russell took home the Championship by eeking out Jenn Lessig on Championship Night at El Paso County Raceway, but even that was too close to call for most of the night.

But all of the battles and hard fought wins and losses were all left aside, as many of the Sportsman Class Dwarf Drivers showed up to El Paso County Raceway one last time for a celebration with the Blood Sweat & Tears crew.  Trophies were handed out for the top 10 of each class in the form of a commemorative plaque.  On hand to give out the trophies and handle the MC duties for the event was Treasurer Tony Steffensmeier.

"It was a great year," said Steffensmeier during his trophy presentation to the Sportsman Class.  "Ultimately, you all have done a great job at the track, and deserve these awards."