July 4th Showdown

In a night filled with fireworks and screaming fans, nothing stood out more on Monday Night than the Dwarf Cars, with a caution filled Sportsman event and a well executed Pro race on the books.

In the Sportsman Division, Jenn Lessig picked up her second win of the year, with Adrien Sardinha finishing not far behind.  With a dry, slick track, making the right adjustments was the name of the game for all of the competitors.

"We got the setup pretty much right," Lessig said after the race.  "After the heat, we decided to tighten up the car a bit and I think that helped.  I put new tires on, which made a big difference."

"During the heat, I was definitely a lot looser than I wanted," Braden Watson lamented. "I tightened it up for the main, hoping the track would hold a little more water than it did.  I didn't have anything for Jenn (Lessig), I think she had a better setup on her car."

Watson and Lessig battled for most of the race, with Watson pulling off the track with 3 laps to go. "At the time, I didn't know that my regulator had gone out.  I'm going to have to either hard wire a new regulator or change out the wiring harness, but I'll be ready to go on Saturday," he said.

Lessig's win keeps her in the points battle, and as a second generation race car driver, she couldn't be happier, epecially for all of her female fans. "It means a lot to see the other girls seeing a positive example and wanting to be a race car driver themselves.  I enjoy seeing the little girls' faces light up when I do well out there."

In the Pro Division, Jace Hanson, a visitor from the Rocky Mountain Dwarf Car Racing club took home the checkers with Tony Steffensmeier a close second.

"As the summer wears on and the track gets slicker, I have transitioned into a dry slick setup," Steffensmeier quipped, reflecting upon his performance on Monday.  "I worked with D&R Chassis and Shane Rossen and came up with a new setup that will drive dry slick better, and it showed on Monday.  The car was good, but I have to make a few small changes.  I was very pleased for the first time on that setup to get the results that I did, and I got good feedback from it."

Regardless of their finishing position, all of the competitors shared the same story - Promoter Joe Bellm has done a fantastic job grooming and preparing the track for the CDC Events.

"From the beginning of the year we've been working on everything from layout to the drainage, adding tons of clay to the corners and attempting to widen the track as much as possible to allow for two and three wide racing," Bellm stated when asked about the effort put into improving the track this year. "We are probably a little over 50% completed, with a lot more work to do before our World of Outlaws show on September 14th.  Bringing in a national event is obviously a good thing for all but its even better for the local racer because it has allowed things to be done to the facility that will remain intact for years to come so it's a win-win for all."

Lessig concurred. "The car had more traction than I planned for," she stated, adding that while the track was dusty, it was in great condition.

"I think overall Joe has been doing a phenominal job this year.  I'm used to running on a track where we had a hole going into turn one, so when I hear people complain about this track I just kind of laugh to myself," Watson continued. "I think they're doing a good job out there, and I really enjoy this track."

"Overall, the track has been good ths year - better than it has been in the past.  More importantly, more impressive, is the amount of fans that have been coming out to the races.  I don't think I've ever seen that many fans there for a non-fair race," Steffensmeier added.  "It was packed."