Dwarf Setup Seminar Presented By Fred Schneider, CDC Member
Part 1 - Basic terminology and Pro Chassis information. Also, setting tire pressures, ride heights, squaring the rear end, information about shocks, and much more.
Part 2 - Discussing chassis roll, the impact ride heights has on chassis roll, and what forward bite means. Discussion on caster, camber, tow out, and various front end suspension parts. Also some information on setup theory as it pertains to front end components and caster/camber adjustments.
Part 3 - Scaling your car, setting cross weight using the club's proform wireless scale, donated by Front Range Systems. Discussion on topics spanning corner weights, left and tail weights, cross weight, bite, and total weight, and how it impacts the handling of the race car. Also some advice on the theory behind different weight setups for different track conditions.
Part 4 - More advanced information on setting up cars competitively and devising a race strategy. Topics include: what to do and what not to do on race day, thinking about starting position and various strategies associated with your starting position, how to maximize your hotlap time and avoiding wasting time setting up the car based on hotlaps, and many other topics.